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Jim Freeman is our Minister. A graduate of Johnson University, Jim held ministries in Kentucky and Illinois before moving to Virginia . His current ministry with Union Christian Church began in October 2015. Jim and his wife, Gayle, have been a welcome addition at Union. They have two grown children.

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Music Director
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Elders: Ray New, Cecil Watts, Stan Garrett, Melvin Wright,
Louis Ring, Tommy Singleton, Tim Overstreet

Deacons and Deaconesses: Scott Stinnett, Tony Stinnett,
Teresa Stinnett, Terri Stinnett, James Harris Jr, Connie Harris, Frank Knight, Terrell Watts, B. J. Garrett, George Springer,
Tommy Singleton, Ed Tacket, Bernie Campbell, Frank Garcia, Shane Springer, Cindi Garcia, John Thomas,
Anne Ewers, Kevin Ewers, and Colby Stinnett

Chairman of the Board: Stan Garrett
Vice-Chairman: Scott Stinnett
Congregational Secretary: Teresa Stinnett

Treasurer: Stan Garrett
Financial Secretary: Mary Ann Stinnett
Clerk: Matris Watts

Jesus Kids Wednesday Night: B. J. Garrett

Sunday School Superintendent:  Susan Lipscomb

Youth Church Workers: Tommy and Karen Singleton,
Harry and Rhonda Hall, Daniel and Sharon Ware, Glinda King and Marianna DeLyon,
Drew and Summer Hensley, Melvin and Debbie Wright, Terri Stinnett, Connie Harris,
Terri Cash, Terri Gibson, Betty Morcom, Gayle Freeman

Adult Sunday School: Ray New and Jimmie Massie

Union Christian Women's Group:
President: Cindi Garcia
Vice President: Terri Cash
Secretary: Shannon Compton
Treasurer: Myrna Cash
Program: Betty Morcom
Cards: Matris Watts

Sunday Services
10:00 am Adult Sunday School
10:00 am Youth Sunday School
11:00 am Morning Worship Service
Nursery Provided
6:30 pm Evening Worship Service

Weekly Schedule
Tuesday 7:00 pm Evening Bible Study
Wednesday 10:00 am Morning Bible Study
Wednesday 6:00 pm Jesus Kids
Wednesday 7:00 pm Choir Practice

Contact Us
Jim Freeman, Minister 434 258-5917
Church 434 846-5917
Stan Garrett, Board Chairman